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Office Furniture Granville
2  Colours
$195.00 - $399.00

Office Furniture in Granville, Sydney

Several different types of office furniture are available in the market to make your interior. It’s therefore vital to use the right kind of office furniture showroom near Granville to provide comfort for your employees. Different types of office furniture offered by Office Better showroom are:


No office is complete without desks. Employees spend most of their time assigned to them. Desks come in a couple of different materials including, wood and fibre. Office Better supplies desks that are of high quality to guarantee the comfort of your employees and clients.

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Filing cabinets

Office Better can provide the best filing cabinets that do not take up too much space. The office’s cabinets need to be positioned so as not to hinder the movement of people.

Office Chairs

One of the most critical points in office furniture is the level of comfort. Employees need ergonomic chairs that provide proper lumbar support. Some chairs are stationary and are not adjustable easily; these should not be used for employees. Employee’s chairs should come with additional features such as a swivel for smooth movement.


The shelving for your office is an important consideration as it determines the space you will have for storing extra items. You need shelving that can save vertical space.

If you are looking for elegant office furniture, be sure to look at our online store or visit us in our showroom near Granville!

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