OL Ascot Shared 90 Degree 4 Workstation Plus Layout and 22mm Breathe Screens





  • Shared 90 degree workstation Plus layout of size 1800mm x 1800mm/750mm
  •  White Powdercoated 50mm x 50mm x 50mm triangle frame
  • Includes solid, segregated cable management trays
  • Above desk power & data service mounting plates to each desktop
  • Solid core central divider screen with breathe fabric all over
  • 25mm Studio White worktop with ABS edge
  • 50mm x 25mm rail
  • Weight rating: 100kg
  • Warranty of  3 to 12 years

Additional information

Screen Colour

Navy, Steel Blue, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Baby Blue, Fern Green, Lime Green, Plum, Ruby Red, Tomato Red, Bright Orange, Burnt Orange, Black, Slate Grey, Alloy Grey, Camel


Worktop Size: 1800 x 1800mm 90°

Layout Type: 90 degree layout

Frame Colour : White powdercoat

Screen Height : 500mm above worktop

Screen Type : 22mm Axis Breathe

Cable Management Type : Underdesk tray

Screen Colour : Breathe Navy, Breathe Steel Blue, Breathe Royal Blue, Breathe Sky Blue, Breathe Baby Blue, Breathe Fern Green, Breathe Lime Green, Breathe Plum, Breathe Ruby Red, Breathe Tomato Red, Breathe Bright Orange, Breathe Burnt Orange, Breathe Black, Breathe Slate Grey, Breathe Alloy Grey, Breathe Camel

Frame Type : Fixed height

Worktop Height: 720mm


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